Behind the Behind the Boom

Hello World! Welcome, this is a site run by FlashSale, MustardJuan, and Sona. We met in college and started our security “careers” together more-or-less, and since then we’ve taken a holistic approach to security. Between each of us we have red team, blue team, and DevOps/engineering experience but try to practice it all!

I’m a red teamer with over 700 minutes of HACKING experience. I graduated college in May 2020 and have been pen testing since with my first company. Social Engineering seems to be my specialty so far, but my true ambitions are in malware development, which I guess lends itself well to phishing and dropping payloads. So ya know. I hold a couple CompTIA certs as you do, also an OSCP candidate.

I’m trying my best. I’m a self proclaimed incident responder and security engineer. I have a few years of experience in both fields respectively and try to practice every other sub-section of security in my downtime. I hold a couple of SANS certifications and finished my undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science.

I started off with blue teaming and have been going strong for about two years now, I aim to graduate in May of 2022 and pursue a full time career in some aspect of cyber security. Iā€™m still pretty fresh to most aspects of security, but mainly have experience diving through logs and breaking down alerts from the EDR and IDS solutions that I use on a daily basis. Going forward I look forward to sharing my experiences and learning from others, attempting to pursue a GCIH at a snails pace with a CCNA already in the bag.